i left my heart in spain

How could I begin to capture the colors of Southern Spain?  I couldn’t; and I really didn’t.  I found myself not taking as many photos as one might expect.  I found myself wanting to remember the moment with my other senses.  It’s like it was too perfect to try to capture in a picture.

This first photo was taken from our hotel window, and I think it’s my favorite from the whole trip.  Mostly I think, because I want to be the old woman in the photo.  I absolutely must, I mean MUST live in Europe before I die.

The next two were taken of/from one of the hundreds of outdoor cafe’s.  The best, fresh food ever and atmosphere that can’t be topped.  More to come this week…


  1. i want to be the old woman on the adjacent balcony sipping tea with you in the morning and yelling at the young chaps that go by on their motor bikes.

  2. These photos are so evocative! I understand, too, about just appreciating and not shooting photos. I’m glad you stepped back and realized that, and shared the realization.

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