a new favorite

Over the weekend b and I discovered and new favorite place, and to no one’s surprise it was a library.  Actually, it is a converted church and it’s O-Mazing!  Religious art AND books…almost too much.  I loved everything about it, the colors, the smell, the textures, the lighting…oh, the lighting.   It’s not exactly just around the corner, but next time I need a quite place to think… this is the ticket! (I also have visions of a fabulous photo shoot: books, high heels, curls, bow ties, notepads…  endless possibilities.)

The entire upstairs is filled with geneological information, really random information: survey’s from the civil war, census data, births, deaths, land, civil authorities, etc.  One of the best finds was my mother’s year book and finding a photo of her I’ve never seen!  She’s too adorable in the photo!

{Oh, and we never figured out just exactly what the “book of golden deeds” were, nor how we could get in it!}

One comment

  1. Is that bottom photo your mom? How neat! And LOVE that second to the last stained glass. I made a stained glass transom window for my husband’s college graduation (FL Wright prairie style inspired, but more colorful) and it is sitting under our bed because we have no where to put it. Sad, but true.

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