an ideal life?

this is the story of art & nan kellam.  they lived together, alone, on an island for over 30 years.

this i get.  the story of two people choosing to barricade themselves off from the world.  to live alone, together.  being self-sufficient, self-reliant, living off of just our love and hard work.

this story isn’t new; it’s just new to me.  i have often dreamed of being an island of two.    sometimes we feel like we are.  we want to escape; make things easier.  we feel like people don’t get us; or just plain don’t like us; or we are hurt in some other way.  i wonder what hardships art and nan faced to push them to the decision that defined their lives.  was it a reaction to something or a choice to disengage?

and although isolation together is quite a romantic notion (for some, for us), i think it says something about those couples (and individuals) who choose to stick it out in the world.  they continue to engage: despite the hurt, disenchantment, and frustrations of this world.

i’m glad art & nan found their happiness in one another, but a love that great would have been nice to have been shared by all.  a friend once pointed out to me in my first year of marriage that when couples completely retreat into themselves, not only are they robbing themselves of potential, meaningful relationships, but it robs other people of that potential too.  it’s easy to forget sometimes, that as much as i feel like it’s just the two of us,  it isn’t.

read the story.  see photos.  buy the book.

{so glad i saw it here}

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