I’m a lover of all things efficient, interesting and data oriented.  Charts, graphs, color-coordinated answers…my heart soars a little.  It’s no surprise then that I am a huge fan of factories (and subsequently the show How It’s Made).  One of my favorite birthday ‘treats’ was #28 when a friend took me on a private tour of his family’s ice cream factory (I know… a factory and ice cream!)

According to some stupid personality/work assessment thing I once took, I’m labeled a researcher.  So it comes as no surprise then that I am drawn to projects that take tons of data and turn it into something visually stimulating.

Enter Forbes interactive map of where Americans are moving. Being recently relocated myself I find this sort of information interesting.  Apparently we were following a trend of moving south.  Our decision wasn’t so much for economic opportunity, but because of family.

Click on the map and then click any little county.  I was particularly blown away comparing northern cities (i.e. Detroit) to places like Austin.  Holy booming city.

{thank you swiss miss!}

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