happy heat wave

The 1st day of summer? Really?

You know you’re in Texas when it’s 86 degrees at 8 in the morning.  The weather this past winter was lovely…and even in the spring.  But the last 4 weeks have been consistently HOT.  The hubs thinks I’m obsessed with pools, but I ask, just what else are you supposed to do in 105 degree heat index?!

I would say I’m looking forward to heading to the beach this summer, but my favorite spot is no more.  All my childhood summer memories were wiped away in hurricane Rita and there are unfortunately no plans to rebuild.

Maybe I should consider one of these in the backyard?

pool party, vintage photo



  1. The 1st day of summer? … is good, here just felt snow in the mountains and in the valley it’s about 12 degrees C. I hope summer is coming soon!

    Greedings from Austria!

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