England again

Seeing this site made me miss my own England experience from 2008.  What’s not to love about the English countryside?

It has been a while since I perused our photos so I went through them again and my heart skipped a few beats.  Our trip was beyond wonderful!  And I’m so glad that we got to see so many unique and seemingly ordinary places because of our chosen mode of transportation.  (We walked from London to Canterbury along the North Downs Way/Pilgrims Way Trail.)  Everyone was so kind; and the hospitality of the small villages made us never want to leave.  And the food — some of the best I’ve ever had!!!  Here are a few of my favorite moments:


    1. It really was. We were so fortunate it wasn’t too hot. It was cool in the evenings and had to be ready for a rain shower every day. It only rained hard one night and it happened to be one of two nights we were sleeping in a tent. We had walked 14 miles that day and tried to set up at 10pm at night in the pouring rain and the worse lighting storm i’ve ever been in…. epic to say the least!

  1. I visited England and Scotland with my husband and parents in 2002 and it definitely changed my world forever! In fact, the following year, we bought a MINI Cooper. Couldn’t help it! Absolutely loved the experience! Thanks for the reminder! P.S. Bath was my “favourite” :o)

  2. I love the wheat pictures (with and without machinery). And how did you get the “butcher and baker” to pose for you? Just a wonderful picture! Would make an excellent card, as would all of them, actually.

    BTW, the cake in the previous post? Yeah, I’d eat it for sure, because the colors are sure to make it taste even better. yum. (and now I’ll go to the kitchen and have a nice, lovely…glass of water. And will NOT bake a cake.)

    1. Well I have to credit my husband with the Butcher and Baker — it was all him. And yes it was perfect…other than the stupid car in the way. Finding that shop was one of my most favorite moments from the entire trip. It was insanely authentic and quaint. The two guy were SO COOL and were listening to coldplay… it was perfect!

      Thanks again for such kind words, they always make my day!

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