colorful weekend

My sis treated me to a belated birthday activity this weekend.  All I’m saying is Wine + Painting = FUN!  There’s a new joint in town called Painting with a Twist.  They have several locations throughout Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and soon Michigan.  I wasn’t sure what to think at first.  All I really knew was that it was basically a one day, 3hr, painting class where you got to bring your own beverage.  Upon arrival all the other participants were already there and set up (we were 10 minutes early) and I noticed not too many people drinking —  or talking for that matter.  But after we received our canvases the owner stood up to make an introduction and to try to take some of the pressure off.  She was quite cordial and one of the things she said was, “…Come on.  We’ve got a corkscrew in our logo, how serious do you think we are here?”

So my sis and I popped our own cork and got the party started!  It didn’t take long and we were at ease listening to the instructor and drowning our own inner critics.  Now we are not ones to do things half-ass.  We not only b.y.o.b. but also a second bottle of wine, chicken salad, hummus, crackers, prosciutto, smoked gouda, and some chocolate – complete with fabric napkins.

We ended up having a really good time.  And if nothing else we were a bit of the comic relief for the instructors, we drank really good wine, and got to go home with a painting — overall, a highly recommended evening!

And yesterday there was color in the sky too…


    1. It was — or rather they were — all supposed to look alike. It was a VERY LOOSE interpretation of Monet’s waterlilies. I liked that the instructors offered so much freedom. They were there for guidelines really.

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