school days

I can’t believe that fall is just around the corner.  (Seriously.  It’s August already?)  And fall, no matter my age, will always mean school…and new school supplies.  This year it’s not me that will revel in the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, but my husband.  He will soon begin his graduate career as an architect — in two weeks to be exact.

On Friday, we took off early to Houston so he could show me around his new space and also take care of a few administrative details.  As we walked around the architecture building, I could see it on his face, the hope of not only getting started on his career but the inspiration of possibility.  Six months ago, we would have never thought we would be living in Texas for the next three years, so who knows what will transpire during the next few years and upon completion of his degree.  We are again filled with excitement and nervous energy.

I hope to “decorate” his personal studio space with a few special items.  Maybe a jaunt to Present and Correct is in order.  I think a few of these items would encourage and inspire good design.

{all images P&C}


  1. Hooray for new school supplies! I love that shop. I can’t decide if I like their products or the photography better. Someone’s got a great eye.

  2. Good luck to him! I think I might have been an architect in a past life, I love it so. Too bad you guys aren’t closer – I need someone to draw up our addition!

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