to whom do i gripe about this?

Is this a segment of SNL’s “Really” routine…  Because, Really?!

I’m sorry, wait, actually I’m not.

In what world is it remotely acceptable to place a child with an adult in an overtly sexual photo shoot (or any similar scenario really)?

I’m not sure if I’m mad because at its root it’s child exploitation or because it’s a horrible double standard.  This would NEVER happen with a 16 year old female pop star and older man.  (Well it probably has happened and since I don’t religiously read particularly pop-crazed magazines, I’m sure I missed it.)  What’s worse is when People promotes Kim Kardashian’s questionable shoot as  “Channel[ing] her inner cougar with Justin Bieber”.   Would we ever read the headlines “29 year old man gets his flirt on with 16 year old girl while in his underwear” and all be ok with that?  I think not.

I understand the artistic direction was influenced by The Graduate, but at least Ben Braddock was of legal age.

Maybe my outrage is because K.K. is just so va-va-voom (and having your ta-tas tantalize a 16 year old boy is beyond inappropriate.)  Maybe it’s because I feel like Justin Bieber needs an advocate — because he is still a child! Either way, I just can’t believe that this is not only culturally  accepted, but also encouraged and thought of as “cute” and “whats the harm” and “he’s so lucky” as well as what I’m assuming will be considered good press for each star involved.

If someone thinks I’ve misinterpreted the intentions of said shoot, maybe this video will clear things up.

***********Post Script*********

I wonder if others don’t feel as strongly as I do because it doesn’t “feel like” they’re doing anything wrong.  If this was a closed door shoot, shady and suspicious, that would imply that there is something to hide.  But as it stands, it’s out in the open.  Literally.  But somehow I think everyone involved has been duped by good lighting and a sweet smile.  Just because it looks like fun, it started as a joke, or there were no bad intentions doesn’t make it ok or appropriate.


  1. Believe me … you aren’t mad. Everything is ok with you. The problem is somewhere else.
    Anyway. Wish you a very positive and beautiful day.


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