friday find

I really like these prints by Mark Weaver.  For some reason they made me think of my Dad — probably because he would have the real thing on his walls of his pretend hunting lodge — but I digress; speaking of my Dad, he’s coming home to the states today!!!  He’s not completely done with his stint, so he’ll have to go back in two weeks… but we get him for two weeks!!!


  1. Hey! these are cool and glad your Dad will be stateside – celebration? as always, enjoy your artistic eye….I’m so behind (I wanted to write “soooo” but Snarl (our son) says it’s cheesey to write like that…sigh) anyway, I’m behind in reading/”seeing” everyone. So paged back a little here to see some of the cool stuff you’ve found.

    Honestly, if I get much more corporate, i’m gonna forget how to write a real sentence. time for some downtime and maybe some photo taking.
    Cheers, and hope your summer is rocking along splendidly.

  2. Quite unique! And I’m glad you’ll get to spend time with your Dad. I only get to see mine twice a year since we live on opposite coasts, but I’m sure it is harder for you since you’re used to having more family around. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, and so will he. Probably full of stories to share, too. 🙂

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