So I didn’t end up getting either one of the dresses that I really wanted, but I did find a dress that was a pretty decent bargain.  (Regularly $80 – on sale for $25!) Instead of going with a bold color like I originally wanted, I found a L.B.D. that was conservative, classic, and with a little bit of flair up front.  But because the dress is only cocktail length, I felt like I needed bolder jewelry and fancy (-er)  shoes.  I raided my mom’s jewelry and now have the perfect bracelets but I needed some help below my knees.  And since I’m on a budget I had to come up with a DIY solution for the shoe situation.  And what do you know, for $5 my black wedges went from plain to party time!  (No really, it was all $5 – gotta love weekly coupons from Michael’s.)

It was seriously the easiest DIY to date.  I just layered some fabric and used a needle and thread to string beads and enough material to make it bunch together when pulled taught.  To attach it I just hand sewed it around the center strap.  It took less than two hours for the entire project and I feel like I have some fancy footwear to dress up my frock.


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