punching buttons

When my sister and I were quite small we would spend long weekends/weeks with my Aunt and Uncle.  My Aunt ran a store — quite lovely and ahead of its time — and she would have to cleverly entertain two little (and antsy) girls.  One of the ways she would keep us occupied for hours is to ask us to “make her money”.  This didn’t involve breaking any child-labor laws but rather sitting us down in the back room at a desk with an electric adding machine and a fresh roll or tape.  We would then proceed to push buttons adding up numbers until the machine would run out of display space and show us a big EEEEEEE.  We would subsequently gather up the miles of tape we had created, grab our markers and bring the freshly stamped white piles to my Aunt and wait for praise.  Upon receiving our affirmation and gratitude, we would turn on our heels head to the back and start again.  I can’t believe how many hours — and how many rolls of tape — we would spend just punching buttons.

And truly not much has changed.  I love working for the particular accountant that signs my checks these days.  I had a client last week who really thought he was being helpful by typing out his financials for the year, but unfortunately it just made more work. (*Kudos to him for at least trying!)  But really, I loved it.  For two days I got to look like a crazy caricature of an accountant being devoured by mounds of tape and numbers.  I also got to color-code by hand each month with a brand-new pack of markers!  There really are joys to be found in a low-tech office.  I even get to hand-write the checks I mail out to our vendors each week (by choice).  I may be a lover of all things techy, new, shiny, and modern, but this gal still finds satisfaction and joy in just punching buttons.

adding machine

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