a new recipe

My weekend was laid back and lazy – the complete opposite of my work week this week.  Most people don’t realize that it’s a tax deadline (unless that is, you filed an extension in April).  Because there is a deadline and human nature will prevail, all the procrastinators and the crazies are coming out to play.

That said, I’m glad I took advantage of my down time this weekend to try my hand at making Pralines.  (I can’t believe there was ever a time I didn’t like these.  I mean, come on, it’s butter and sugar in a disproportionate ratio to the few other ingredients involved.)   I used this  recipe by the Southern Queen herself – Paula Deen.

Using the last of my mother’s Texas Pecans and her old candy thermometer, they turned out pretty alright.  Disaster was averted when my mother assisted the interpretation of said thermometer and ‘gently encouraged’ me to keep heating the mixture … more … still more… still more…  It really is an easy recipe; it just calls for patience and precision — in temperature and timing.

That unassuming blob of candy may not look pretty, but they tasted delicious!




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