art & architecture weekend

The hubs and I had a WONDERFUL weekend get-a-way to Houston.  I mean, seriously — three whole days of uninterrupted time together, good food, beautiful weather, and stimulating culture.  We were docents for this years AIA Home Tour.  We started the weekend Friday evening at a reception for docents, architects, and others involved at a uniquely designed home by M + A Architects.  It was a home inside what used to be a commercial warehouse.  The majority of the square footage is for a couple’s collection of classic cars.  You think you are in a commercial garage, but the couple has deliberately set up a space on the main floor to keep a car in their unorthodox living room.  Very clever and very cool.  Brad and I figured you could easily house 50 cars in the space!  (This was no small warehouse.)  And really, why not have your passion right there in your home.   What fun would it be to collect something that you had to keep locked away off site?  Now it’s central to their lives.   Interestingly enough our activities this weekend did not allow for photos and I would have loved to snap pics of that place!

We continued touring homes throughout the weekend, but also made a stop at The Menil Collection in downtown.  A free museum and place worth visiting if you are in Houston.  Again, stunning, but no pictures!

We also made a stop by Brad’s school and I finally got to see where it is that he spends the vast majority of his waking hours.  (So he’s not a spy; he is actually a student!)  The graduate floor was full of projects in the making.  Nooks and corners piled high with scraps and tools, all waiting to be the next Taj — or rather — eco friendly portable space pod…or something.

The view from the hub’s studio is not one I would complain about!  Downtown is just 5-10 minutes away (depending on terrible Houston traffic).

He of course couldn’t sit at his desk and not get a little work done!

For his most recent projects he has had to use human scale figures.  One of his colleagues was gracious enough to laser cut a ton for the whole class to use.  But apparently everyone knew right away which would be Brad because of the cup of coffee in the silhouette’s hand.  However, what they don’t realize is that I think it’s an exact replica of him seven years ago with short hair.  I mean exact, posture – profile – everything!  I kind of couldn’t stop laughing and then got really creeped-out.  Did someone take his picture and use him as a free clip-art dude?!

He also said he wanted me to join him in his projects so he snagged a lady figure with short hair.  I’m not feelin’ it though.

All in all it was the best weekend we’ve had together in a long time.  (Made mostly possible by my mother who gave us her hotel points!!!)  It was just the mid-term refresher we needed.  I’m so lucky to have such an amazing person by my side and working so hard on his goals!

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