baby’s first birthday gift

A friend’s baby celebrated her first birthday and since I can’t not make something, I thought I would opt for something other than a toy or clothes.  I’ve been a bit infatuated with silhouettes lately, so I thought I would do one of the baby.  I started with this photo

and then with a little photoshop magic I had her profile.  I then used some transfer paper and traced her printed profile onto my fabric.  I also decided to use thread to “draw” my initial outline of her head over the chalk.  I knew I ultimately wanted to fill it in, but I needed a better guideline than my chalky outline.

Once I did that it was just a matter of stitching from left to right.  I was pleased with the end result.  (So was the momma!)

There is a great tutorial over here.


  1. Carrie,

    This is really great. I would have never thought to stitch a silhouette, but it turned out perfect. I know Ashley loves it.

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