wish listing

It’s inevitable.  With Thanksgiving just over a week away, the devils of the ad world are out to capture my soul.  And I always eventually succumb to the shiny penny.  I hate that.  I hate that it’s ingrained in me to start compiling a list of things I want the cooler the weather becomes.  And I hate that my barometer for what I really want starts to fall askew this time of year too.  I maybe need to collect and organize my thoughts on the subject rather than just verbally vomit here.

But when there are things out there that are this pretty, just how am I supposed to resist?!  I love the entire collection of Fay Andrada, but especially these bracelets.

And how ’bout this awesome hairstyle?  I wish I had tried something like this while it was super-short as of a few weeks ago.  But, it’s already grown out past this stage.

{all photos and jewelry found here!}

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