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I can’t believe that the hubs and I now own an authentic piece of Herman Miller Furniture.  We are the proud new owners of the Eames Lounger.  But unfortunately it is still in Michigan along with the rest of our belongings.  We acquired the piece from a former tenant.  This chair — although just a chair — has been on our life list for some time; not just because I tend to have an affinity for things I can’t afford, but particularly because we lived all of 30 seconds from HM headquarters, the same street in fact.  We both love mid-century modern design and this piece is such an icon.

I’m glad to know there are so many others out there just as obsessed interested as we are.  In fact, there is a new and seemingly comprehensive book about the Eames story. There is a great write-up about it (with more pictures) over at Yatzer.


The abridged version of the two-volume book is the video below — again found here.  (I’m also the proud new owner of this piece too!  Yipee!)



    1. Oh no. She was the best tenant ever — save you of course! We were SO SAD to see her go. Seriously. But the chair was all part of the bargain since she broke lease.

  1. Our neighbor has one of these – an original that she bought back in the fifties, I think. She doesn’t have a lot of money, but she said it was the best purchase she’s ever made and it still looks great, even today. Lucky you!

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