There is a long-running family story about the hubs being a toddler and quickly learning to get what he wanted.  His parents and grand parents treated him like any other adult that wanted to covertly communicate in front of a child.  They would, of course, spell out their words.  Obviously the hubs cracked the code and as the story goes, he knew that after diner he wanted some P-I-E; that could have been ice cream, cake, and/or pie, but you always ended the meal with P-I-E.

And thanks to a nice lady at work I received a Chocolate Chess pie.  I had never had one, much less heard of it.  But I figured with anything chocolate you really can’t go wrong.  And for the most part I was right.  There is a bit of a strange hint of some sort of cheese at first bite, but then the chocolate takes over.  It’s much like a firm-er chocolate pie with a light brownie top.  All things I like and not a bad way to end the meal.


{the aforementioned Chocolate Chess}

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