music monday

I have mixed emotions about holiday music.  I typically only enjoy it for about one week out of the year.  But with so many amazing artists creating holiday albums it’s becoming easier for me to enjoy seasonal music for a longer period of time.  Pink Martini’s latest album Joy To The World is a reminder that the holiday’s are a global event, not just some suburban phenomenon.  (They sing in at least four languages on the album.)  And I like the lounge-y, eclectic vibe they’ve got going on.



{This was last year’s holiday music recommendation and this is my all-time favorite.}



  1. somewhere, recently, i heard this name, Pink Martini. (no, not in a bar!) hmm…so I played it. So I’m going to look for it tomorrow, because I am at least going to venture into a few stores and just look. That’s all, just look and think. All gifts to be carefully chosen and not just knee-jerk reactions to getting things done.

    Yeah, I’ll let you know how that goes.

    BTW, love the art in your more recent blog entry. You find very cool stuff. And how’s your own artwork going? Bet you have some project going on…

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