the real *easy* button

I am a total visual person.  And because of this, I really don’t enjoy cruising on Craigslist because of the list-style layout.  I end up opening six thousand tabs and I’m really only interested in one or two things… if only I had been able to see the item before I clicked…  Enter Craigseasy —  the Easy Button for people like me.  It will change your boring old Craigslist page into a dreamy picture-heavy way to search for your future acquisitions.

It’s super easy to use.  At this website all you have to do is drag the easy button into your bookmarks (or toolbar for those of us who are a bit obsessive) and when you pull up the Craigslist page that you want, like say — furniture — then just click on your newly bookmarked easy button and watch the transformation!

(Just when I thought I couldn’t waste even more time on the internet!!)

{images from various craigslist posts}


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