the weekend wonder

***I must qualify that all pictures were taken with a 3+ year old camera phone!!! Eeeek!

This weekend the hubs was braving the elements in Michigan and packing up all our stuff.  (And selling some too!)  Whilst he was in the snow,  I was working hard searching for a bargain.  The sis insisted we’d find the best prices at The Dump, and Holy Moses, she wasn’t kidding when she said they had a ton of stuff and for REALLY cheap/reasonable prices.

Our new space is a completely open floor plan with plywood floors so I wanted to price out a few rugs.  Well wouldn’t you know it was love at first sight.  The one I fell for is a 10′ x 13′ hand-tied rug that retails for just over $10,000 (I mean, do I have taste or do I have taste?!).  The Dump though has it marked down and then on sale for only $1,159!  Oh, how I wish I had that kind of money to blow on something like a rug (or healthcare…or a car… or a house… or a holiday).  But it was just perfect for what I envision our new place to be.  We’ll just have to add its picture to the inspiration board instead.

And our next stop left me wiping up just as much drool because what did I find – oh only the perfect armoire to go with the perfect rug!  It was marked down to $979 from $3,000 — a good bargain indeed, but alas I am still sans $$$.

However, all hope has not been lost.  The one bargain we could not pass up was a Craig’sList find (thanks to the easy button.)  I cannot believe that we actually acquired these two, virtually brand new, 7 ft couches for the rock-bottom blow-out price of only $400!  (Yes, both of them — together!)  We are so excited to see if we can make it work with the two, and if not, we are happy to sell off one and have a $1800 new couch for $200.

Our stuff arrives on Friday and I am so excited to start arranging and decorating!


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