paper people

I’m so glad to finally have my crafts back.  I was simply drooling over my beloved paper stash, but alas all crafts will need to wait until other things are done.  (My sister on the other hand kept reminding me what a crazy person I am for having so many storage bins of crafty materials! — Seriously though, it could be a problem!)

I just love it when people get crafty with paper products.  Upon seeing the work of Peter Clark, I was instantly inspired and wishing I was clever enough to “re-fashion” a map and make stuff like him.  Check it out:



  1. What? Is this what I’m supposed to do with all the maps I saved from years of Natl’ Geographic?
    I am mad for the dress – it’s amazing.

    What a treat for you to now have all your craft things about you. There’s never too many. They are used for so many things, so versatile.
    Look forward to whatever project you choose next!

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