yum, yum

Tonight I’m headed to my sister’s for a good old-fashioned in-home tupperware party — except that it’s not Tupperware — it’s Saladmaster.  (But what exactly are you supposed to call those kinds of parties?)  I was very fortunate to receive a set of this cookware (The Select Set)  two years ago from my very generous Aunt and Uncle.  We absolutely LOVE the cookware, but I have a confession:  I haven’t really explored just what exactly they can do other than the prosaic.  I mean, I use the electric skillet for all kinds of things and just love my quart pans, but until today I hadn’t even visited their website.

Well call me chagrined because you can basically do anything and everything with these puppies and it’s super healthy to boot.  I must admit my new found obsession with our cookware is because of our new tiny kitchen — specifically the fact that we don’t have an oven.  Our landlord has provided us with a little toaster/convection oven that worked marvelously for toast last weekend.  But I am looking forward to seeing what all we can make (sans oven!) with the electric skillet and pans.  But after perusing their website, I’m afraid my wish list has just doubled in size — hello cutlery & tea kettle!

On tonight’s menu: Fried Chicken – sans deep frying, sides, and a chocolate cake baked in the electric skillet!  I can’t wait to participate…

{images via Saladmaster}

**According to this recipe, I am supposed to also be able to make a pizza in my electric skillet.  Looks like I know what we’re eating this weekend!



  1. ooohhh lala Salad Master. I went to one of their parties $$$ and we got a dairy free 4 course vegan dinner. I guess things are different out here in California, but I didn’t need to tell you that. I would have liked fried chicken. Have fun. 🙂

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