adding a punch of color

I’ve been thinking about my white-ish couches and what I could do to spice them up (& our entire little loft).  The new place has freshly painted egg shell white walls and an oak floor — a blank canvas.  The easiest (and cheapest) way for me to change-up our same old (and new!) furniture is new pillows.  I’ve really been enjoying seeing the color combo of neon meets neutral.  But I may be leaning a little more towards an ethnic/global market approach.  Maybe I need to find some fabric that combines both — like the Missoni dress — ooooh.

1. Simplesmente Branco 2. Somewhere Splendid 3. Jordan Ferney 4. Martha Stewart 5. Jenni Kayne 6. Adore Magazine 7. Missoni pre fall 2011 8. Vera Neumann



  1. i always think I’m “missoni” and then end up buying something more “martha.”
    But with the blank canvas you have and using pillows you can change as often as you like. Espcially in consideration of the season.

    But with White? I love navy and various shades of blue with white.
    See? Prep, every time. drat.

    You’ll do something more artful with your palette and hopefully will use some of your photography on the wall.

    (why do we all love decor so much?) Keep us posted!

    1. I wonder that too Diana — why it is that we all love interiors so much. Maybe it’s trying to find a connection between humans across miles of differences. Maybe it’s just curiosity or maybe just because they’re pretty!

      The hubs and I too seem to have a standard that we can’t get away from. I keep telling myself to stop getting things considered to be shabby-chic/vintage/industrial vintage, etc. But it’s like a moth to a flame. We can’t help ourselves. I’m sure it’s all connected to my love of history, stories and people. At least that’s what I’m telling myself!

      (Thanks for the encouragement!)

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