i did what at 6am this morning?!

I can’t believe I did what I said I’d never do – I exercised in the morning!  I’ve really been trying to stay on the wagon with regular exercise.  I would like to get back to how I felt a year ago (I’m pretty close now… I just need better consistency.)  I knew I had a ton of running around to do after work today and would not go run after all those errands.  So I set my alarm for six A.M. and finally dragged myself out of bed at :10 after.  I had laid out everything I would need last night right at the foot of the bed so basically I just had to fall out of bed into my workout clothes.  I muttered and mumbled something to someone on my way out the door.  When I finally got to the track you would have thought it was downtown L.A.  There were so many people already doing this (and I thought I would be the only one to earn a badge!)  And much to my surprise I survived my measly little three miles.  I realized though at about mile 1.25 that I was awake; so who knows what I said or did before then — I cannot be held responsible for my actions prior to 8am!

Part of my running around this evening will be packing my bags because I’m headed to Bean-Town to hang with one of my besties!  I can’t wait to be back on the East Coast (I miss it tons)!  But I can’t say that I’m really looking forward to leaving my current 72 degree weather for 42 and raining.  But hey, I’ll take it if that means I get to hang with my girl!

Oh — the pavillion?  I just thought it was pretty much awesome and wishing we could lounge in one of these this weekend!  How o-mazing would this be in someone’s back yard — uh, cue the swanky lounge music!  We can all get one from here.


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