tunes for tuesday

Wishing I was as talented and brave as the lovely Kelley McRae,  she sold all she had, bought a van and decided to tour the country.  She’s a Mississippi gal who calls Brooklyn home.  And if you like the sound of Patty, Allison, Sarah, and all those ladies who require only name, then you’ll love Kelley!  Maybe you could get her to come play at your house…  Go give her a listen over at her site and follow along on her blog.

{image credit}


  1. wonderful thing to do, a musical tour. hard work. exciting. free.
    I have dragged HM to various RV parks to look at the Airstream Bambino. I love it. But we got laughing – no way there’s room in there for both of us to do anything more than stand back to back and turn around slowly!

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