sneak peek of my boudoir

Well — it’s not exactly my boudoir, but rather a shared space.  I knew as soon as I saw this old wooden baker’s rack that I wanted to turn it into our clothes storage.  With a little cleaning and restoring of the “shelves” we had our new  “armoire.”  I was afraid of our sweaters and other things getting snagged on the slatted shelves, so I cut some canvas, sewed the edges and created a solid-ish surface for storage.  As long as Manchester doesn’t crawl on it, then it works/stays just great.

As far as the hanging clothes rack goes — The screen was used as our headboard in our old apartment.  (Originally scored from the side of the road in Essex, MA circa 2004.)  With two eyelet screws and a little wire — automatic room divider.  And we used regular galvanized metal pipes for our clothes.  The rug was 50% off at Urban and the dresser was an old roommates from grad school, circa 2003.  I love having a window in my “dressing room”.  I have a large mirror (that you can’t see) on top of the dresser and a pull out mirror we attached to the bakers rack; I have perfectly natural light by which to put on my make-up. (See it here.)

I’ll post more pics a little later to better show the full layout of the apartment.  We’re so happy with the way it’s turning out!



  1. You two are talented – and pics of your own design makeover are mag-worthy! come on, you need to send this in to DIY or Martha or Someone! really!

    So glad you’re loving your new place!

  2. You are always TOO KIND! Incidentally, I did send it into apartment therapy for their “Small Cool 2011” contest.

    I wish I had like 10 of you to follow me around and give me daily affirmations!!!

  3. very cool. currently in the process of looking to buy a condo in hoboken, nj and for what i can afford (*^%$*##@), space is hard to come by! it’s inspiring to see what fun things you were able to do with the space you have!

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