music scene

We took an unexpected trip to West Austin this weekend to attend the Old Settler’s Music Festival.  And I wasn’t quite prepared for it.  No, I didn’t forget my clothes or toiletries or anything like that, but I wasn’t mentally prepared for a visit to 1969.  I didn’t realize that blue-grass had as much of a hippie following.  I think I wasn’t prepared too because looking at the website, they didn’t really have your pot-smoking, hula-hooping, ribbon twirling, dread-lock wearing, average music festival patron front and center.  Besides — my parents invited us!  I thought it was going to be a bunch of folks like them there.  Well, I guess retirement has been given them a new perspective on what is acceptable family entertainment!

But once I arrived, I shook off the crazy week of taxes, had a glass a wine, and picked up a guitar — and things were good.  The music was amazing — and I’m not even counting just the featured artists.  The music around the camp-ground was stellar.  I think everyone there could play an instrument and it was not unusual to see more than 6 different instruments in a group (stand-up base and tap shoes not excluded!)  And of course, this said music playing could be heard until the wee hours of the morning.

I had such sensory over-load that I couldn’t really take pictures.  I also felt a little awkward sneaking a shot here and there and/or just asking for one.  (I felt like they would know that I was snapping more for shock value than anything.)  Besides, the weather was just too perfect and I felt a little more like relaxing than looking through my lens.

{these little airstreams were just calling to us!}


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