the weekend to-do…on wednesday

I know it’s only Wednesday around here, but since it’s really my Thursday, I’m already thinking about the weekend.  I’ve got an entire three-day weekend of nothing planned…so far.  My crafty wheels have been spinning as I know the hubs will be busy prepping for his last week of school (woo-who!).  The list in my head keeps growing, but I’ve got no shortage of projects that need to get done versus the ones that I want to get done.  On the need side — pillows.  I’ve got to get them done.  But I’ve changed my idea and will be needing to take back the 14-thousand ones I got from Jo-Ann’s (which I got when they were on special) and exchange them for just 4 feather-ones from High Fashion Home.  However, that means I will then have a store credit to J.A. and I was thinking of maybe doing a little personal sewing?????  Just maybe…  When I stumbled across this super-adorable chevron tank, I thought I would add it to my list.  But I have a feeling that seeing as how I’m not exactly built like the lovely little seamstress in the photo, that I could possibly end up looking like a $2 hooker.

{image by –the crazy talented– Jen of grainline}

If sewing is not on the table, I was thinking of printing some photos using this tutorial, making a new mini-book, editing photos, watercolor painting, or just finishing another book.

Or, thinking about possibly doing one of these little projects featured over at How About Orange. The possibilities are endless and I’m excited to see what happens!

{image set by How About Orange — links to projects on her blog}


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