split personality

I sometimes can’t decide which aesthetic I like more — with our home, my clothes, this blog, etc.  I want sparkles and eggshells; I want neons and neutrals; I want vintage and modern; I want chic and comfy; I want city and country…  The list really does go on and on.  Ergo, my latest dilemma: the black shoe.  I love them both: The Miz Mooz Hipster is very masculine and the 3″ Ralph Lauren Zamora is super feminine.  I can’t really buy either right now, so the point is moot — but I think it illustrates a larger personality flaw that factors into my nuts-o life.


  1. I like them both.

    But according to my mood and state of mind now I would go for Miz Mooz Hipster.

    I guess it is about the music within me at the moment when I buy shoes that makes the right choice.

    Just listen to your music!

    1. If that’s the case, then the Hipster is definitely the winner. Blitzen Trapper, The Bridge, The Avett Brothers… all say summer oxfords. (On the other hand – John Legend is saying, “let me see those long sexy legs!”) 🙂

  2. I am like this too! That is why my closet is part hippie, part J Crew catalog, and part indie rocker crazy. I often wish I could just pick one but at least I have variety!

    1. I too am glad to have the variety. I can be classic heels one day and oxfords the next… I don’t know why I intuitively view it as something negative. Maybe because I find it more frustrating than advantageous…. Hmmm…

      1. I often get frusterated when I feel I choose the wrong one for where I am (if that made sense). My hope though that is as I get older I this will start to fade.

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