weekend scene

I would say that the hubs had a very nice weekend.  He helped my Pop build a fence and then they rewarded themselves with a quick fishing trip out to the lake.  Friday’s count: zero.  However, on Sunday the weather was perfect for heading off shore and out they went again.  I didn’t want to spend another afternoon wishing I could empty the contents of my stomach, so I stayed on dry land.  Well wouldn’t you know, my absence was all it took to guarantee one of the best fishing trips they’ve had.  They caught over 5 different species (each!), and now we have fresh fish for dinner tonight!  Yum…  (I would have included pictures of what I did this weekend, but who wants to look at piles of laundry or me sleeping pool-side?)

{They fished the same location as we did with the in-laws. And I’m not real sure how that Redfish compares to mine.  It could be some nice camera trickery by my Dad!}


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