almost home

We went back to Michigan for the annual family fishing tournament, the inaugural summer event.  Saturday and Sunday were terribly rainy and cold, and thus not too many fish in our boat.  (And unfortunately, even after the tournament, I still didn’t catch one like I did last year.)   However, Monday proved to be glorious, and we spent much of the day outside.  We, as always, over-ate — some really delicious food — fished, played cards, napped, and all around relaxed.  It was good to see the out-laws again, although technically this time we were the out-of-towners.

I have loved all the time with The Hubs.

Last year the weather was so great we could recreate a special photo.

One comment

  1. Ah! we’re outside grilling right now so you’re food pictures have even more appeal (normally, I’d be jealous…)
    nd then the last picture of you and Hubs – very clever. I love it. Did you do it using the self-timer, with the camera on the ground? Tip top!!!!!

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