Back from vacation.  It was a one-two punch of friends and family.  We spent the first five days with family in the mitten-shaped state, and the second half of our journey with friends in the finger-lakes region of New York.  (And if you watched the final episode of this season’s The Office, you know why we kept giggling every time we said “…we’re going on vacation to the Finger Lakes.”)  Anyway, much to my chagrin, we explored that area fairly thoroughly.  I had no idea it was so beautiful, lush, and “outdoorsy”.  We hiked, sat by (and under) multiple waterfalls, visited a museum, a winery, and enjoyed the beyond-perfect weather.  I must have taken over 250 photos in the parks alone.  It also didn’t help that our friends brought along their 10 month old baby — who is quite possibly the cutest baby of that age I’ve ever seen.  So the baby accounted for at least another 100 frames.  On our last day, last park to visit and last waterfall to stand in front of, my friend offered to take another obligatory photo of the hubs and I.  Upon snapping said photo, he looked at the screen to see if it turned out all right and an error message appeared instead.  He handed the camera to me and I thought, that’s weird.  Let’s try it again… but alas, you can start to feel my pain.  Something was wrong with the card and I could not access it or add any more to it.  We popped the card into their digital camera and we got nothing there either.  All hope was not lost… yet … as we still had the computer and three card readers to test out.  Once home, we put the card in our computer, but still nothing.  I tried it again in my camera — for what reason I do not know — and as I began to eject it, it did not come out smoothly.  But rather, a tiny fragment of the corner of the disk got snagged and produced indisputable evidence that the card indeed had been physically corrupted, a tiny crack in the housing.  But how in the world that happened — inside the camera — I have no idea!  So although most of my hope has now been shattered at ever recovering the 800+ photos on the card, we are still calling around for specialists to see if they might be able to recover a few.  I mean, come on, they can recover a lot more heavily damaged stuff on t.v.!  I need my own special forensic tech team, seriously!

But really there is nothing I can do about it now.  I have the memories I suppose.  But it still stings just a little…

See this image and many more that I did not take, here!

(I think I took this exact photo.  It’s unbelievable there, really.)


After calling all the local camera shops, we were directed to Wolf Camera and they said they could attempt to recover the disk for $40.  Ouch on the price tag, but worth it to get my photos back! (I wonder if I have to pay even if they don’t recover them… Hmmm?)

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