seeing it differently

Seeing yesterday‘s vegetables reminded me of a project I had seen (over at GOOD) by German artist Uli Westphal.  In his own words, his project Mutatoes is “a collection of fruits, roots, and vegetables found at Berlins Farmers Markets.  The Mutatoproject serves to document and archive these last survivors of biological variety.”  I guess we are a bit accustomed to seeing our food look a certain way — kind like me with my make-up on — such a polished product to be consumed.  I know that I have fallen into the grips of consumerism because if I’m honest about it, when I see a fruit or vegetable that’s not “perfect looking” I intuitively think it’s bad/not ripe/etc.  But the way Uli has captured these foods, in their natural shape, is quite beautiful.  I also think it is a strong social commentary about our evolving relationship with food in general.  See more of his work here.

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