crafting gone wrong

So two of the projects I talked about yesterday were making crayons and etching a vase.  With the crayons I overheated and melted them too much.  Then I left them in the freezer too long; I also didn’t spray the mold so when I went to empty them, the tails broke off… then I had to heat them again!  Ugh.  I finally got it to work though, but no photos yet.  And with the vase, I have NO IDEA what I did wrong.  I used a test piece of glass.  It worked beautifully.  I then use the cut out on the piece I purchased and it’s like the chemical reaction turned out completely uneven.  So I then went back to the test piece and it wouldn’t work again.  I tried it TEN MORE TIMES and still nothing.  So I threw in the towel and unfortunately our friends do NOT get a monogrammed vase….  But I suppose we can’t all be Marthas all the time.

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