long weekend

I so much enjoyed the long weekend.  And since I now have Fridays off, it was especially great.  Some highlights: time with the hubs, long walks, organizing stuff, Arrested Development marathon, clouds and wind (but no rain still!), shopping with my mother and sister  (or should I say — “not” shopping!), seeing the final Harry Potter, visiting BHLDN, and sleeping!!!

I also got around to updating the “our apartment” page up top there.  We’ve rearranged several times, and we really like this latest set-up.  Seems neater, more peaceful, and we really like the couches facing each other — which is what we’ve wanted all along . It’s funny how such a simple/small change can make such a big difference.  We moved almost every single piece of furniture to the opposite side of the room, but ultimately ended up with only 3 pieces swapped!  You can see more of the new arrangement here.

Hope your long weekend was just as lovely!


  1. Looks nice! Our sofas in the greatroom are facing, too, but we’ve spread them out so the kids have room to play in the middle. Love the vaulted ceiling.

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