texas is hot

In fact, Texas is experiencing its hottest summer on record.  So hot in fact that some bales of hay are spontaneously combusting!  The Bastrop fires have consumed over 1500 homes.  Although I’m about 3 hours from that town, we have seen lots of smoke and even a few small fires.  The first photo is of a smokey downtown Houston on Thursday evening and the second photo is from my sis as she was driving to her office on Sunday!  A little too close for comfort.


But all these fires have made me think of The Burning House Project.  Have you seen it?  People photograph what they think they would grab if their house was on fire.  I’ve made a list before, but I don’t know what it would really be like.  These Texas fires have been moving so fast, people have not had time to grab anything.  I can’t imagine being in that position!  I would like to say that I would grab our wedding album (since those photos are not digital), the hubs guitar (it has the perfect sound and action), the hard drives, Manchester kitty (of course), and our firebox of important documents.  I would like to have all my journals, but they aren’t exactly easily accessible these days.  Who knows what else.  But here’s what others would take.

all photos here

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  1. We are praying for the Bastrop fire and those it affected up here in PA. Also praying for the emergency crews and first responders.
    Wow…bales of hay spontaneously combusting! I am going to give you blog link to a girl friend in OH. Our heart goes out to all affected by the fires.
    No one does stacks of books better than you! You definitely have a flair for color and design. Are you on Facebook?

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