weekend scene

Finally a cool front pushed though and we enjoyed a high of 85!  (If only it would rain more than just a few hours.)  The weekend included lots of running errands, a few museums, a bike ride, homework for B, computer work for me, and lots of cooking.  We tried our hand at organic spelt waffles — which turned out great — we also embraced the cool(er) nights by making apple crisp.  All in all, it went too fast!


  1. Yum! (and what is up wtih weekends flyling by like (beautiful) comets? I suspect there was a run on apples this weekend. Our family bought a bunch and made two pies. And chile! it was a weekend here in the Gateway for chile.
    I”m intrigued by your spelt waffles which look DELICIOUS and that’s not just cuz it’s nearly 10 pm and I’m hungry. really, I should head to bed before I do something foolish in the kitchen, like make some kind of snack (that I don’t need!)

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