i *heart* my family: halloween 1982

In 1982, the parents dressed us up as a 6 year old skeleton (the sis) and a 4 year old Count Dracula (me).  What I find peculiar about the photo on the left is that it seems to demonstrate a bit of a personality reversal for us.  My sister, never the one to be shy in front of the camera as a child seems to posture herself here as a demure little girl, hesitantly posing with her very dramatic little sister.  I mean, look at that pose! (Well, for me it was dramatic.)  The photo on the right seems a little more appropriate as I can hear my four year old self saying in a high-pitched, nasally voice muffled by the mask, “What mom?  Hold my hands up how? Am I done now?”  At least the mask makes me look like I’m smiling under there.

(Oh, and props to the parents for choosing a skeleton costume a whole two years before Johnny Lawrence made tough, blonde, karate-kicking guys every where want to wear one just like it!)


  1. ah, the stories in pictures! these are great – makes me LOL at your vampire confidence! Did you choose that? And what will you be this year?

  2. Your parents were so good at documenting your life. I don’t think i have a single photo of any of my costumes. Things will certainly be different for my kids. This is so neat, to be able to look back on.

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