fighting cancer with a mustache

Oh the mustache, that fun little facial accessory that can simultaneously invoke horror when paired with the right glasses or make your mark as the ultimate hipster.  But the mustache is not as vile as it was once considered.  It seems there was a cultural shift sometime between the glory that was Tom Selleck in the 80’s and the Abercrombie man-boys of the aughts.  But the “mouth-brow” has made a comeback, and has been made particularly prestigious with the invention of Movember.  Movember allows men to showcase their manliness while supporting prostate cancer research.  These dapper-dudes agree to grow a ‘stache for contributions to the cause.  And the hubs drinks enough coffee that he thought he should chip in too.  For those that know him, they know that he is no stranger to facial hair.  Many (many) a men have stopped, stared, and even asked him about the hair protruding from his cheeks and chin.  However, the real estate  just above his perfectly full upper lip and just below that perfectly proportioned button-nose is a bit….thin, in height.  Rather than invoking the spirit of the aforementioned hairy hero (Tom), his looks a bit more like Ron Burgandy. (She says with love!)  But December has arrived and the moo-stache (as we call it), will be no more.  It’s time for winter scruff and then the eventual glorious, just-for-men ad that is his dark, thick, full beard.  But, you can still support the cause by donating here.

{1. 2. 3. 4.}

See us both with mustaches here!  And here are a few of my favorite items for bearded dudes.

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