weekend scene — holiday hangover

Well it was certainly one for the record books.

This year’s menu involved cajun flavors: the now famous Turduckin (Chicken stuffed in a duck, stuffed in a turkey) with shrimp and crawfish stuffing.  Yes, that’s a whopping 5 meats!!!  Our Christmas Eve meal included wonderful, homemade Crawfish Etoufee and Boudin balls.  Friends and family gathered and exchanged presents, laughter and a series of unfortunate events with the rest of the meal.  Just about anything that could go wrong did, including but not limited to — burnt lemon pudding, sticky sausage bread, the cake my sister forgot, a miscommunication about who was bring what sides, and a serious apple pie mishap.  (Oh, and I forgot to mention that the hubs, myself, and the sis are all sick! ) But despite all of that (and the rain!) we still had a wonderful day and have MUCH to be grateful for.  I’m just glad that I have the week off to stay in bed and recover!!!

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