weekend scene

We rang in New Year’s at the same place we did last year — off the grid.  Three days of no cell phone, internet, or t.v.  The weather was much more cooperative this year as it wasn’t so bloody cold!  Highs in the 70s, lows in the 30s — perfect for campfires.  It really didn’t dawn on me that it was the beginning of a new year until it was here and we were driving home.  I haven’t really thought much about my goals and wants for 2012.  I’m sure it’ll include the usual: workout more, read more, draw more, improve this skill and that, etc.  I always like new beginnings but I guess since the hubs is mid-studies it doesn’t feel much like a beginning.  He is exactly halfway through now.  We do have some things to look forward to this year, including a few trips; one of which will happen in a little over a week!  I know — who really gets this much vacation?! (I really do have the best job ever!)  I guess I’m just hoping to take it all a day at a time… and we’ll see what transpires.


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