a fresh face

Sorry fellas, I need to “girl-out” for just a second.

I’ve been a Bare Escentuals gal for years (since 2007 in fact).  But recently my skin has changed and so have my needs.  I just felt like this 33 year old face needed a bit more coverage.  But the thought of using a liquid (or even pressed) foundation was not an option.  Enter Korres Mineral Foundation.  I was perusing one of my favorite blogs and came across her glowing recommendation of the aforementioned powder.  It seemed like it was just the solution.  I must admit that I was not optimistic. I am however, a believer in Sephora’s return policy, so why not try it.  Boy can I tell a difference.  I’m not sure that other people have been able to tell; it’s not like folks are stopping me on the street (let’s get real, if any one ever complimented me on my skin they would be my new BFF… I’m just not that girl that gets those compliments.)  But I can tell.  If feels so good and the biggest change, it’s still on my face come 4pm.  I have recently developed oily skin (thanks Dr. Dermatologist and your industrial strength skin creme!), but this stuff seems to keep the shine in check.  (And yes, I have used both the regular and matte formulas of the B.E.)  But the best part about this new-to-me line of products: it’s 100% natural!!!  What?!  How can this be?  I’m not quite sure what those Greeks are putting in that jar, but I can tell you that they are not putting all that toxic garbage (I’m talking about you sulfates and paraffin!)  So even if I thought both offered about the same coverage, why not switch for that reason alone.  I know it’s not cheap ($28!) and their color choices are limited, but I cannot imagine them not growing their line of products, soon.  Fortunately for me, the lightest shade is just right. What about you all?  What do you use?


  1. I’ve not ever used a mineral poweder because I didn’t think the coverage was that great, but maybe I’ll try this one.

  2. Oh, yes agreed their products are sublime. Have you tried any of the new BB creams I have been touting? If you don’t like foundation they are like tinted moisturizers except they have multiple functions-moisturizer, primer, SPF, anti-aging, etc. I got a bunch of samples from Sephora to try and am super happy:)

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