i *heart* my family: february birthdays

This weekend these ladies in my family will assemble to celebrate their shared month.

This is my paternal grandmother with her two daughters and her first granddaughter (read, my sister).  The year was 1977, and it’s a bit crazy to think that my aunts in this photo are just a drip younger than what I am now!  (I dont’ know that I could rock some pig-tails like my Aunt Penny, or a snuggly-tied polka dot scarf like my Aunt Dotty.)  I’m the only female in the family without a spring birthday.  My mom fell right in to place as her birthday is on the 25th and my sister might as well be since her’s is in early March.  The best part about this?  I’ve constantly pulled rank as the baby in the family, and so as not to disrupt my fragile since of self-worth, I always received presents in February along with everybody else!  Lucky me.

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