weekend scene

Another productive weekend it was.  This is really a combination of the last two weekends.  Not only did I go crazy with those items highlighted in the photos below, but I also re-organized our entry closet, the bedroom baker’s rack, and the dresser.  I also refinished a different dresser (thus re-organizing the contents of said dresser) and then got overwhelmed with the books (and school-stuff!) on the floor and built another bookshelf.  Let me rephrase, the hubs built the new bookshelf.  I’m the one to go color-coding crazy on it.

There must be something stirring deep in my heart as I have been making lots of changes over the last two/three weeks.  I even changed my hair (again!).  It’s like I can’t organize or purge enough.  I love living small (660 sq ft), but it all feels like it’s closing in sometimes.  And it’s not the space… it’s all our sh*t!!!

Next weekend’s agenda: purging the crafts!  Oh-so-help-me.




  1. Hi there! Can I ask you what program you use to add text to your pictures? I love the circles around the text. Congratulations on a productive weekend—not sure I can say the same!

    1. Why Thank You! I use just good ‘ol Adobe Photoshop. And those particular circles were a free “brush” I downloaded from somewhere… The solid ones I use are just basic shapes inserted.

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