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A while back on Nightline, I saw a review of a strange looking camera.  This little stick-of-butter-shaped camera packs quite the punch.  The whole idea is that you shoot now, focus later.  Yep, you can actually make your choice after the fact.  It’s the Lytro.  Somehow they’ve re-invented the wheel (on some level).  I’m not quite sure what to think about it yet, but I really like the over all shape and design.  But starting at $399 for a 8 megapixel 350 capacity, I think I’ll be waiting a bit for them to come down in price.

There is a great article about it in the New York Times, where smarter folks than me have written about it. Oh, and you can interact with their “living pictures” here.

{images courtesy of lytro & the NY Times}


  1. Seriously, I love this thing. I wanted to be put on the waiting list when I first heard about it, but then decided it is just not practical for me – I’d rather put that money toward a new dSLR. I love, love, love it though!

    1. It really does seem so innovative and just plain neat. But I too think I would put the money towards the very same thing (or at least a new lens!)

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