eat your heart out

For B’s birthday we celebrated at an absolutely delicious new restaurant.  Very rarely can you have a party of six and have every single person be completely blown away with their particular dish.  I only snapped photos of mine and B’s choices, but we all sampled each others.  We started with Angry Mussels and a Shrimp Bisque.  Both ridiculously wonderful.  I had the Crab Cake served over the house salad which included romaine lettuce, white cabbage, and green apples.  It was the largest crab cake I’ve ever had and had the biggest chunks of crab ever.  Brad’s Blackend Redfish Pontchartrain was melt in your mouth good.  Two other dishes involved beef filet’s — each just as amazing.  However, the dish that really takes the cake is the Shrimp & Grits.  Oh-my-goodness!  (That recipe actually  just won a regional award, and I can see why.)  I would have never thought I would have liked it because although I’m southern, I’m not a grits kind of gal.  But these grits had more of a mashed potato texture.  De-lish! This meal only reiterates my thesis that Southeast Texas is the food trifecta: Southern, Mexican, & Cajun jumbled into a pile of goodness on your plate!

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