wanderlust (and news)

I’ve got a little wanderlust these days.  Last night I had dinner with my mom and sister and we decided to plan a little girls weekend getaway in early summer.  But where to?  I think we settled on New Orleans, but nothing is set in stone.  When we were trying to coordinate our calenders, I realized that everyone else is doing a bit of traveling except me.  You see, I will not be traveling this year because the hubs is.  He will be spending 47 days studying in Europe!  We’ve been planning, and planning, and he finally has his itinerary set.  The first thing everyone has been asking me is, “So you’re going to go too right?!”  Well, no I am not.  I’m not even going to be able to rendezvous for a weekend jaunt.  It wasn’t exactly a hard decision, what with prices being completely nuts-o for all things European, and being limited to only one week.  We thought long and hard and decided to set a goal of taking a BIG vacation — just the two of us — next year after his graduation.

So I’m not only collecting everything I can on places for B to go in Italy, France, England, Denmark, and The Netherlands, but I’m dreaming of our BIG one in 14 months (but who’s counting?!).  Any suggestions?

[beautiful image here]


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