the perfect (and easiest) summer dish

Some recipes are just so delicious and so easy that you can’t not share them.  That’s how we feel about Mango Shrimp.  Seriously, it is the freshest and lightest (yet satisfying) dish I know how to make.  And it seriously takes 15 minutes max!  (Well, only as long as there are two people chopping those ingredients — that mango can hang you up the first time!)  I’ve put together a simple, visual how-to:

But just in case you can’t see the .GIF here is the recipe for Mango Shrimp (serves 2)

Raspberry Blush Vinegar, Agave Nectar, 3 Green Onions, 1 Mango, 7+ Cherry Tomatoes, Cilantro (to taste), 1 lb Fresh Shrimp.

While sauteing the shrimp, chop all other ingredients into bite site pieces.  (Here’s a great tutorial on how to slice a mango if you need a little help.) Add everything into a big bowl (including your hot-from-the-pan-shrimp), then just drizzle a bit of agave and a touch of the raspberry blush vinegar, toss and serve.  Done!

(Thanks to my sis for introducing me to this dish first!)

P.S.  If spicy shrimp is more your thing, then here is a great recipe too!

I guess it’s not technically summer yet; but seeing as how it’s been consistently in the 80s here, I’m calling it summer!


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