religion + design

I’ve blogged before about an intersection of religion and design (I still love those beautiful prints!) and a little while back I was introduced to the work of a contemporary graphic designer who took on  a bit of a personal challenge artistically and spiritually.  Using the artist’s own words, Jim LePage states:

In January of 2010, after 6 years as a graphic designer, I decided to finally put together a portfolio web site. As a way to hone my design chops and to have continually fresh content on my site, I decided I’d do some type of weekly themed design series. And being the beginning of the year, I was of course thinking about how I wanted to read the Bible more. So I thought, why not combine Bible reading (B-O-R-I-N-G) with something I’m passionate about (DESIGN!). And that is how Word came about.

I find his designs thoughtful and honest; and religious affiliation aside — good design is good design.  I have so very much enjoyed flipping though his 91 designs and particularly his often hilarious (and spot on!) commentary about that particular book/print.  Here are a few of my favorites and click through to go directly to Jim’s website.

See all 91 here; all images/designs Jim LePage.  Kudos Mr. Lepage, Kudos.

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  1. These are great! I want a couple of these prints for myself. I’m sure Josh has heard of this guy being in church design but this is the first I’ve seen his work. Thanks for sharing!

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